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Our resources allow you to have direct access to a wide choice of assets, in addition everything has been simplified so that you only have to "drag & drop" the files into the software (Clo3d, Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign) and it will automatically download.


Everything you receive will allow you to increase the quality of your work and will give you a great advantage over the competition; whether in a university or work environment.


Your skill set as a Fashion designer will be unlimited since you will have at your disposal the countless possibilities that FashionVerse Vault offers you.

  • 3D Fashion Assets

    Over 550 professional Fashion related 3D Assets for you to use as you like. Designed to make the creation of professional renderings easy and immediate.

  • Photoshop & InDesign Assets

    Professional Photoshop & InDesign tools (Brushes, Actions, Digital Seamless Fabrics & Fonts), created specifically for the production of high quality designs & Post Production Process.

  • Illustrator Technical Drawing Tools

    The best Collection of Technical Drawing resources to improve and speed up the creation of your Tech Packs.

  • Premium Service

    Receive Monthly Updates with new resources: 3D Assets, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign tools & more.



What's the trick?

To be completely honest, We’ve been in your shoes before, not knowing how to get premium assets, and make a leap in quality.

We had to do Our best to seek knowledge with the resources We had, and We promised ourself that if We ever had the opportunity to do something for those who were going through the same situation We did, We wouldn’t hesitate to help.

FashionVerse Vault is our way of helping people like you who aspire to achieve more success, recognition, and money in this industry.

Get to know the inside of the FashionVerse Vault.

Lifetime Supply

Once you purchase the product you will have lifetime access to it, you will receive monthly updates with new professional assets.

Since the product acquires value over time, hurry up and...

Is it your first purchase on the internet?

  • Immediate Delivery

    Your link to the Google Drive will be released immediately after payment is confirmed.

  • Safe Buy

    We work with Hotmart, a platform that uses the most advanced security features.

  • Customer Service

    If you have any questions, we will be more than happy to answer them! Contact Us or Check the FAQ.


When will my order ship?

These are digital downloads, not physical products. You will receive the link via email. These exist exclusively in a digital space and are meant for Clo3d, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign and other compatible programs.

Where can I download these assets?

After your purchase, you will immediately be sent an email with the Google Drive link for the respective product you purchased.

Can I use your assets for commercial use?

All Our assets are open for personal and commercial use once purchased.

I have a problem with my order, where can I get this resolved?

After the Purchase, please make sure you check the "READ ME" files to learn how to use the assets. If you've done this and are still having issues or haven't received your order, email us at

How do I get the monthly updates?

We will send you an email informing you that a new update is available; Just open the drive and you will find the updated folder there.